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100th anniversary of the start of the First World War

To commemorate the forthcoming centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, a number of websites have compiled lists of the best historical sites across the world. Here are four potential destinations for people wanting to visit key spots within Europe. The Somme Battlefields, France   There are several battlefields in the area around Read More

South American hotspots in 2014

Destinations across South America – not just Brazil – are attracting more visitors than North America and Europe combined and international tourism to the region has increased by 50% in the past decade. South America is expected to see a further 4.5% growth in 2014 with Peru leading the way, according to latest figures.Take some Read More

Top 3 technology-driven changes expected in the travel industry

The travel industry is keeping a keen eye on changing trends in technology and a recent report has highlighted three major developments that are expected to be in force by 2015. Bookings   Firstly, mobile bookings and purchases will become more widespread and social media will dominate passenger interactions for customer service. Today just 2% Read More

How to say Please in 20 languages

  In the fourth of our series of language blogs, we’re teaching you how to say Please in 20 languages: German – Bitte French – S’il vous plaît Spanish - Por favor Portuguese – Por favor Russian- Požalujsta Norwegian- Vær så snill Japanese- Kudasai Korean – Butakamnida Thai- Kor Latin- Amābō tē Italian- Per favore Albanian- Ju lutem Swahili - Tafadhali Read More

Tips for using your smartphone abroad

If you’re taking your smartphone abroad on your next holiday then we have a few quick tips for you. Check your current phone carrier plan   When travelling abroad the data roaming charges can be absurd. These charges however, can be avoided if you modify your current phone carrier plan. Most major phone carriers offer Read More

Top 3 Cancer Fighting Drinks

Red wine Scientists from the University of Leicester have been studying the effects of a compound called resveratrol. This compound is found in red grapes and has many potential health benefits for humans such as helping to prevent cancer. Scientists from the University made lab models to identify any benefits of taking a daily amount Read More