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True or False: The heart can continue to beat even when it is separated from the body

True of False: True Your heart will continue to beat even when it is removed from your body. The heart itself has its own electrical system and as long as it receives a fresh supply of oxygen will continue to beat. Heart transplants are possible because of this very reason. Source: ABC news

Is our flight experience changing for the better?

International flights can be big money-makers for airlines and one way they’re competing for fares is to make the experience of flying as comfortable as possible. Advances in sleeping arrangements   In the US, flights feature the longest lie-flat bed in domestic business class, with private suites, gourmet food and amenity kits. Other airlines are Read More

Top 5 things to do in Las Vegas (that don’t involve a casino)

  Visit the Bellagio Fountains If you are visiting Las Vegas then the Bellagio Fountains are an attraction you must see. Located outside the world famous Bellagio Hotel, these fountains produce water shows every day during the week for onlookers. They are one of the most choreographically complex water features in the world and new Read More