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Government plans to introduce standardised tobacco packaging earlier than expected

Public Health Minister Jane Ellison MP last night told the House of Commons that plans to introduce standardised tobacco packaging would be brought forward. Although discussions about tobacco packaging have been held over the course of the past few years, eighteen months ago the decision was made to hold discussion on standardised packaging until results Read More

Can I get travel insurance after a heart attack?

Why travel insurance is important after a heart attack Suffering a heart attack is enormously stressful, so getting away to recuperate both physically and mentally is very important. One worry many people who’ve experienced a heart attack have is whether they can be insured for their medical condition. To ensure real peace of mind after Read More

Is flying with glaucoma safe?

Things to know about flying with glaucoma With most people dreaming of booking a flight to a far-off exotic destination for the upcoming year, it’s easy to assume travelling won’t be an issue. However, those with glaucoma might need to take a few extra precautions to ensure comfort and safety in the air. The air Read More

Why you need to try a genuine Hammam bathhouse

Hammam-e Ali Gholi Agha , Isfahan, Iran A Hammam bathhouse, or Turkish bath, is a great way of trying out a century-old pastime (and relaxing at the same time). The practice started back in Grecian days, and became a part of Islamic culture about a century later, with buildings much like the Iranian Hammam (pictured) Read More