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UK’s top attractions are failing disabled visitors

17% of staff at UK’s top attractions aren’t trained to assist disabled visitors. With the barmy autumn weather seeing more people stay in the UK this year, a UK charity is warning a lack of accessible options is causing disabled visitors to forego visiting iconic British attractions. Just under two thirds of disabled visitors polled Read More

Literal Chinese translations of European Country names

How Mandarin speakers translate European countries We loved this map, found via Haohao Report. It’s a light-hearted look at the names Mandarin speakers have given to European countries. Most of the meanings are purely accidental, based on mimicking the phonetic sounds rather than a meaningful word combination. England, for example, is called Yingguo (英国 pron. Read More

Why are multi-generational holidays so popular?

Are you one of a growing band of travellers who have been, or have plans, to go on holiday with several generations of your family? If so, you aren’t alone. Numbers of multi-generational, or ‘3G’ holidays, are growing rapidly, with cruises and self-catering villas being the most popular options. So what’s behind this recent trend? Read More

Italian clowns in India – panic disorders and travel

Travel and anxiety often go hand in hand, but for those who have mental health needs, it can be a stressful time even more so. We spoke to three travellers with varying mental health needs who’ve been able to overcome them and see the world. Bryony, 34, hails from Eastbourne and has been crippled with Read More