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Warm up the festive season with soft, warm gingerbread

Gingerbread can come in many forms, from soft and delicately spiced cakes to the well-known childhood favourite cookies. All around the globe gingerbread takes on different forms: Polish pierniczki Czech pernik Russian pryaniki Croatian licitars Scandinavian pepparkakor Dutch speculaas Germans seem to like a softer, puffier version known as lebkuchen. Whichever form, gingerbread has and Read More

Two thirds of people in the UK say relationships make their blood boil

  Why monitoring high blood pressure is critical According to a new survey, two thirds of people feel that stress at home or in a relationship is enough to make blood boil; with half saying unreasonable work deadlines cause extra pressure. This means one thing: added stress on the heart. This really can be detrimental Read More

A fun Movember infographic and men’s wellbeing

We love this fun Movember infographic showing how men feel about wellbeing and cancer. One in three men feel their anxiety is at a medium to high level, while 79% feel they’re satisfied with life. Prostate cancer and testicular cancer is treatable, and cancer survival rates are improving too. Have you been involved in Movember Read More