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Two thirds of people in the UK say relationships make their blood boil

Why monitoring high blood pressure is critical According to a new survey, two thirds of people feel stress at home or in relationships is enough to make blood boil; with half saying unreasonable work deadlines cause extra pressure. With this stress comes the added pressure on the heart, which can be detrimental to health and Read More

A fun Movember infographic and men’s wellbeing

We love this fun Movember infographic showing how men feel about wellbeing and cancer. One in three men feel their anxiety is at a medium to high level, while 79% feel they’re satisfied with life. Prostate cancer and testicular cancer is treatable, and cancer survival rates are improving too. Have you been involved in Movember Read More

Tried and tested: The Easylock Review

  The Easylock review A few weeks ago, you might have read about a ground-breaking solution thought up by an innovative grandfather, called The EasyLock. Bob FitzJohn, 66, says he wanted his grandchildren to be safe while travelling, so thought up a simple solution to the problem: a portable lock that fits on any inward-opening Read More