5 ways to cut down on sugar

Every since sugar was discovered we just can’t get enough of it!

Millions of people around the world consume some form of sugar every day, with many consuming too much.

There are however ways in which you can cut down on your sugar consumption.

1.     Swap your cereal for a porridge

Many of the breakfast cereals we consume each and every day are high in sugar, with some containing up to 37% in sugar.

To help reduce your sugar intake you could switch up your regular cereal for a healthier option which has lower sugar content. You could even switch cereal for porridge or for whole wheat cereal biscuits. Swapping a bowl of sugary cereal for porridge can cut out 70g of sugar from your diet over a period of a week.

2.     Replace fizzy drinks for water

A quarter of the added sugar in our diets comes from sugary drinks that we consume. A 500ml bottle of cola for example contains the equivalent of 17 cubes of sugar.

Replacing these fizzy drinks all together for alternatives such as water or fruit juice can help reduce your sugar intake. Sugar free varieties of popular fizzy drinks are available for those who still want to consume them.

3.     Check those labels

Many main meals which we consider to have a low quantity of sugar may actually have unprecedented amounts that we overlook. These foods include many types of pastas and soups that many of us consume on a regular basis.

Checking labels for the sugar content of these meals can help you decide whether or not the sugar content is high or low. Many labels use a traffic light warning system which aims to indicate whether or not the food contains a high level of sugar.

4.     Change your snacks for healthier alternatives

Snacks such as chocolate bars and biscuits contain a high percentage of sugar. Replacing these with fruit, rice cakes or unsalted nuts can significantly reduce your sugar intake.

If giving up these snacks is too much for you then you can start by having less. Instead of having your usual two bars of chocolate, try having just one. This will allow you to lower your sugar intake without having to totally give up a snack you enjoy.

5.     Planning for Desert

Desserts contain a high proportion of your weekly sugar intake. By scheduling the days you enjoy a dessert or reducing the days on which you have dessert, you can significantly reduce your sugar intake.

Scheduling dessert days also gives you something to look forward to throughout the week and can help to keep your sweet tooth at bay!