Medical travel insurance for travelling with arthritis

It was the first ever Rheumatoid Arthritis week last month. In this blog we wanted to mark this event by sharing a wonderful story with you.  This is a story of a courageous woman who always wanted to go on a Safari in Africa but with her Rheumatoid Arthritis leaving her more often than not, confined to a wheelchair, she wasn’t sure if she could ever take the trip.  In this article she talks about travelling with arthritis and proving that you don’t need to walk to take your dream trip.

What a wonderful story, and what a brave lady!  If, like Karen, you want to take a dream holiday and need to ensure that you have comprehensive cover for your medical conditions, make sure to take out specialist Travel Insurance.  When you declare and cover all your conditions, you can travel with peace of mind, knowing that if anything should happen that you are fully covered. You can get a quote our specialist panel of insurance companies. If you are living with arthritis, you might also find our information on travelling with Arthritis useful.