Diabetes travel insurance.


In 2003, the star of programmes like Ready Steady Cook, was diagnosed with syndrome X or borderline diabetes – this can lead to type 2 diabetes. Sufferers of the condition should avoid obesity, smoking, and high blood sugar levels.

Symptoms include sweats on the back of the neck and tiredness. There is no treatment for Syndrome X, but the condition can be controlled by a radical change in diet and lifestyle.

Antony had to cut back on desserts and alcohol, and quit smoking. His main vice had been 15 daily cups of tea with sugar. This was replaced with mint tea instead. Antony also hired a personal trainer for 3 workouts per week(although this is not something that everyone with borderline diabetes is going to be able to do – the important thing is doing any form of exercise you can). Today he has trimmed down from 15 stone to 13 stone 10lb and his condition is stable.

As a result of his diagnosis, he has developed a series of cookbooks for diabetics. Probably something all of us should consider buying!