While spring in the UK can be a bit hit and miss depending on whether it has brilliant sunshine or April showers, there are plenty of places around the world which are perfect to visit throughout spring!

It’s often a quieter time of year to go away as you beat the summer crowds and you get a little bit more of the destination to yourself. Plus, in some parts of the world, you’ll save yourself some money going away earlier in the year.

Whether you want to head somewhere with gorgeous beaches to relax or you want a city break with fewer tourists than usual, keep reading for the best places to travel to this spring!

Valencia, Spain 
March or April is a great time to visit Valencia. It’s a city which is often underrated but which has lots of culture and sights to see. If you go during spring, it’ll be warm enough to spend your days enjoying lunch outside in just a t-shirt, but you may need a light jacket in the evenings.

Visit the Cathedral then be sure to explore the Carmen neighbourhood where you’ll find cafe’s and bars galore.

best places to visit in spring

The Caribbean 

Visit the Caribbean in March for its best weather of the year. From Barbados to the Cayman Islands, you’re guaranteed clear blue water and luxury beaches.

If you like relaxing in hot climates then March could be the best time for you to visit. It doesn’t have to be all about lazing on a beach though as diving is popular on most Caribbean islands and boat trips are readily available for tourists.

best places to travel this spring


Heading to Bermuda in March or April can not only save you money, but it’ll be a much less crowded experience than if you went during Bermuda’s peak season; May-October.

March and April witness the annual migration parade of humpback whales and other whale species making their arrival to Bermuda’s crystal clear waters. Boat trips are available for whale watching and it’s said to be an absolute must-do if you visit in these months.

best places to travel this spring

Val Thoren, France ski resort 

Not only is skiing in spring sunnier and quieter, it’s also cheaper which makes it an even more perfect season to hit the slopes! Val Thoren, France, is Europe’s highest ski resort meaning the snow keeps cooler for longer and the ski lifts keep running until early May.

best places to travel this spring

Zadar, Croatia

While Dubrovnik and Split may have been the popular places to visit in Croatia over recent years, Zadar in northern Dalmatia is the latest hotspot. With its cultural and authentic Old Town, there’s more to see and do than you might think.

The weather will just be getting warmer and will be more bearable if you don’t like the scorching heat of the summer months. Again, it’ll be a much quieter time to visit as Croatia’s beaches become over run with tourists from around June time.

best places to travel this spring

Mount Fuji, Japan

Spring in Japan sees the cherry blossom out in force and Mount Fuji topped with just a dusting of snow. Whether you fancy climbing or not, the lakes around the mountain are too beautiful to miss if you’re in the area.

The weather is still cold during spring but it’s a good time to sight see and get the most out of your visit with less tourists.

best places to travel this spring

The Algarve, Portugal

If you’re a keen golfer or just don’t like the high temperatures Portugal reaches in the height of summer then spring is the perfect time to visit. The weather is still warm without being unbearable which is perfect for a couple of rounds of golf.

Hotel prices and flights will be that much cheaper before the schools have broken up and families embark on their summer holidays.

best places to travel this spring

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Explore the countryside by bicycle and see the vast fields of tulips bursting with colour. Keukenhof Gardens are open from mid-March to mid-May where there’ll be fields of tulips as far as the eye can see.

Vondelpark is also a must see. It’s filled with lakes, ponds and greenery, perfect for a morning stroll before you enter the city centre!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our round up of the best places to travel to this spring! Have you got a trip planned for spring? Are you visiting any of these destinations? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment in the box below or tweet us @AllClearTravel