Why travel insurance is important after a heart attack

Suffering a heart attack is enormously stressful, so getting away to recuperate both physically and mentally is very important. One worry many people who’ve experienced a heart attack have is whether they can be insured for their medical condition. To ensure real peace of mind after your illness and afford yourself the best chance of a stress-free holiday, AllClear can provide travel insurance for a number of heart conditions, as long as your doctor believes travelling is a good idea.

That’s the good news, and most holidays take place without any issue. But if worst comes to worst and you require treatment while abroad or due to your condition you are required to cancel the trip, travel insurance can cover this – with the right policy.

Here are some travel tips and a few bits of advice about heart conditions and travelling:

What puts you at risk?

-Smoking –Smoking damages the lining of your arteries, which can lead to a number of heart conditions.

-Poor diet – A poor diet can increase cholesterol, so foods such as oily fish can help lower this.

-Being overweight– Again can lead to high cholesterol and high blood pressure all of which increase the risk
of heart attacks and other heart conditions.

Recovering from a heart attack

-Reducing the risk of another heart attack can be done with a combination of simple changes from improving
your lifestyle, such as eating a healthier diet, or stopping smoking. It can also help to speak to a doctor
about preventive medications which can lower both blood pressure and cholesterol.

-Staying active – light exercise can go a long way in helping you recover and restoring physical fitness.

Tips before travelling

-Talk to your doctor: This can be about activities you plan on doing while abroad and whether it is safe to do
so. Also discuss what medication you will need to take and whether you are able to carry these on as hand
luggage. Check that the medication you require is allowed into the country you are travelling to.

-Pacemakers and metal heart valves: Inform airport security, as you don’t want to accidentally set the alarms
off on the metal detector.

-Plan ahead: Make sure you don’t rush around; ensure you plan your route to the destination and have transport
sorted to get around without exhausting yourself.

-Don’t forget to get travel insurance! For a quote click here.

With the essentials covered, you can enjoy a relaxing holiday taking all the time you need to recuperate. Don’t forget to keep stress levels at a minimum and not to overexert yourself on any of the activities you do while abroad.