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Australia first to trial real-time flight tracking following Malaysia Airlines disappearance

Following the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 almost a year ago, a new method of tracking planes will be trialled by Australian airlines before being rolled out in Indonesia and Malaysia for further testing. Australian authorities confirmed this week that aircraft departing from Brisbane will be used initially for the trial. The current system Read More

Top 3 technology-driven changes expected in the travel industry

The travel industry is keeping a keen eye on changing trends in technology and a recent report has highlighted three major developments that are expected to be in force by 2015. Bookings   Firstly, mobile bookings and purchases will become more widespread and social media will dominate passenger interactions for customer service. Today just 2% Read More

Tips for using your smartphone abroad

If you’re taking your smartphone abroad on your next holiday then we have a few quick tips for you. Check your current phone carrier plan   When travelling abroad the data roaming charges can be absurd. These charges however, can be avoided if you modify your current phone carrier plan. Most major phone carriers offer Read More

EU slashes costs of mobile calls when travelling in Europe

It will soon be cheaper to use your mobile when on holiday in Europe, whether you’re phoning home or using the internet. With the prevalence of smartphones, many of us now use our mobiles when abroad to check maps, information about our location, download music or films for entertainment and upload images to document our Read More

Getting around by Car

If you can get to grips with driving on the other side of the road, then travelling by car has enormous benefits. It gives you the freedom to travel when and where you want and explore at your leisure. Continental motorways are generally spacious and congestion-free. However it is worth noting that many countries in Read More