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Sugar sensing contact lenses for diabetics

The Google lab is renowned for its unusual and futuristic projects and its most recent development doesn’t disappoint- sugar sensing contact lenses that could help diabetics manage their blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a condition that affects 1 in every 19 people on the planet, meaning that a large proportion of the population face the Read More

AllClear customers star in our new video

  We’ve got something very exciting and exclusive to share with you all today- our brand new AllClear video which includes real stories from AllClear customers. We’ve helped some amazing people with a wide range of medical conditions travel to places around the world. A handful of our customers have shared their inspirational stories with Read More

Don’t just use your mobile phone for phoning home

 Aside from keeping in touch with loved ones when you’re travelling abroad your mobile phone is now an essential travel companion. It can help you save money, provide essential local information as well as explore the hidden gems in your area. There is a wealth of apps available today and we’ve found some great products Read More

WiFi in the Sky- the latest trend in airline entertainment

 It’s nearly 100 years since the first film was shown on a commercial airplane. Since then inflight entertainment – from movies and inflight information to drinks, snacks and shopping – has been big business for the airlines. The increase in handheld digital devices has meant that the focus is now on how to provide the Read More