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GPs in Wales ‘on the brink of extinction’

Urgent action has been called for this week after health professionals have said the collapse of the GP workforce in Wales, especially in rural areas, could be a reality. Not enough GPs are being hired to replace those who are leaving, whether through emigration, retirement or reduced roles. Dr Sara Bodey, from North Wales Local Read More

Don’t let a medical condition or disability stop you from travelling

If you are one of the millions of people around the world who have the time and the resources to travel, but who have physical restrictions or are disabled, you are not alone. Today you are part of a growing trend of travellers. The travel and tourism market for people with physical restrictions or disabilities Read More

12 steps to a stress free holiday when travelling with a disability

Going on holiday is something we all look forward to, so nothing should stop us from enjoying every second of it. But travelling with a disability can be stressful. Each continent, country and region will differ with the facilities it can provide to you. That is why our aim is to help you identify and overcome any potential obstacles before you travel, leaving you worry free and able to enjoy your time away.

Do you know about World Glaucoma Week?

World Glaucoma Week (11th to 17th March) aims to educate people about how to assess their risk for glaucoma and to be aware of the importance of regular eye exam(ination)s and disease detection. It also seeks to provide support for patients with Glaucoma. World Glaucoma Week was developed in response to the concern over the worldwide increase in the number of people with glaucoma, as the population grows and ages. More people are therefore at risk of going blind from this disease if they do not have the condition detected and treated.

Stars in their eyes

You might find it hard to believe, given Alison Steadman’s ditzy cheerful character in Gavin and Stacey, but over 20 years ago, Alison real life was far more complicated when she suffered a severe threat to her eyes.

2012 Travel

It is now only 2 and a half years to London 2012, where paralympic athletes from all over the world will be travelling to London to compete. So we thought now was as good a time as any to put together some information about disability travel. So here are some tips on travelling with a disability, and how to avoid any possible pitfalls