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Keep Calm it’s Christmas!

With Christmas Season Approaching temperatures drop but stress rises! With so many people making so many plans, dinners to cook, presents to buy, people to visit- it’s easy to get so snowed under (sorry I couldn’t resist!) by the preparations that you forget to relax and enjoy the very company of the family and friends Read More

Travelling and Mental Health

  Travelling can be stressful at the best of times so travelling with a mental illness, like anxiety or depression, could be a particularly nerve racking experience. However there are plenty of ways to cope with the anxieties associated with travelling and mental health, read the summary below of the fairly conclusive list IAMAT provides: Read More

Travel to Relieve Stress

Stress seems to be more common than the common cold (and that even has common its name!) these days, but simply ensuring that you are aware that you have become stressed is the first step towards beating it. Spot the Symptoms. Stress can manifest itself differently for different people so find out how it surfaces in Read More

A new approach to helping people with dementia

  Worldwide cases of dementia are set to triple to 115.4 million by 2050 according to a report by the World Health Organisation: England spends around £23 billion a year caring for the medical condition which is double what it spends on cancer and triple what it spends on heart disease. But travel to the Read More

Ecominds: Horticulture Therapy

We’re always told to ‘go green’ but recycling can often seem like a chore. Washing old jam jars, lugging lumpy bags filled with plastic packaging and cardboard cartons to your front yard for collection; it feels like a synthetic grind. But Ecominds (a subsidiary of the mental health charity ‘Mind’) is an initiative to help Read More