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In the Press: Travel Insurance, the stats and realities

For the full feature, visit YourMoney.com. “A report published today by AllClear has revealed a number of striking facts about UK holiday habits – and underlined the importance of UK consumers having medical insurance policies in place when they travel. The findings highlighted the most popular destinations for holidaying Brits this year. Spain, a perennial Read More

AllClear in the Press: Mary’s medical claim in Mexico

Read the full story of how we made sure Mary was looked after, including First Class flights and her own private room in hospital after a stroke, here. A Merseyside family’s dream holiday in Mexico became a nightmare after an 83-year-old great-gran was rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke. Mary Silker, 83, from Orrell Read More

World Glaucoma Week – protecting your sight

Today sees the end of World Glaucoma Week, and with it brought the importance of having regular eye tests. It’s the only proven method to detect the sight-threatening condition. The risk of glaucoma is particularly high for those aged over 60, anyone with a family history of the condition, and people of African-Caribbean origin. Yet, Read More

No Smoking Day – The day you start to stop

Today is No Smoking Day. We all know smoking isn’t just bad for your pocket, but it can lead to cancers, chronic illnesses, and even death. With calls to ban branding off tobacco product packaging gaining traction, we look at some really good reasons to ditch the habit. From head to toe, it affects every Read More

New guidelines developed for bladder cancer diagnosis

There are over 10,000 cases of bladder cancer diagnosed each year, with the disease four times more common in men than women. So it’s welcome news that an Addenbrooke’s urologist has helped to develop the first national guidelines on bladder cancer. The aim is to improve the diagnosis and management of the seventh most common Read More

GPs in Wales ‘on the brink of extinction’

Urgent action has been called for this week after health professionals have said the collapse of the GP workforce in Wales, especially in rural areas, could be a reality. Not enough GPs are being hired to replace those who are leaving, whether through emigration, retirement or reduced roles. Dr Sara Bodey, from North Wales Local Read More