Swapping your daily diet coke or orange squash for a tea or water can cut your risk of diabetes. Sugary drinks have been linked to type 2 diabetes and while other things in our lifestyles play a part, research by Cambridge scientists found that cutting these drinks out can reduce the diabetes risk significantly.

A study of 25,000 people between the ages of 40-79 in Norfolk showed everything they ate and drank for a week after they recorded it in a diary. During the study they had health checks and filled in follow-up health and lifestyle questionnaires to determine more accurate results.

Participants were then contacted 11 years later to discover how many people had been diagnosed with diabetes within that time. 847 people developed type 2 diabetes and researchers found that soft drinks contributed to a 14% increased risk of developing diabetes and sweetened milk drinks contributed to a 27% increased risk of developing it. Sugar sweetened tea and coffee, natural fruit juices and water were not associated with the type 2 diabetes risk.

While the study showed accurate and useful information there were still limitations against the results. The main limitation was that it’s difficult to single out the impact of one factor and be sure that no others are contributing to the effects found.

cut diabetes risk

Researchers did take physical activity and diet into account when studying their findings to try and lessen this.
Another limitation was that the participants only recorded their sugary drink intake once, at the beginning of the study, meaning that things may have changed significantly over time.

Advice from the NHS is, knowing that obesity can lead to diabetes, why now lower your calorie intake by cutting down on sugary drinks and seeing as we live in a country with clean, safe tap water, water seems like the most healthy alternative.

tea to cut diabetes risk

Have you got a sweet tooth? Do you need that afternoon fizzy drink or have you already said goodbye to sugary drinks?