A smiling man with a beard for Decembeard

The end of the year is fast approaching, but it’s certainly no time to slow down in raising awareness. With Movember over, it’s time for men to down razors yet again and participate in Decembeard, raising awareness and funds to help put an end to bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cause of cancer deaths. 100 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every day, and almost half will die. That’s one every 33 minutes. However in 90% of cases bowel cancer can be treated – but only if it’s diagnosed early enough.

Being aware of the symptoms can be a lifesaver. If you experience any of the following for three weeks, book an appointment with your GP:

Bleeding from the bottom
A change in bowel habits
Abdominal pain – severe in some cases
A lump in your tummy
Weight loss and tiredness

Decembeard’s awareness route is for men to stop shaving for just one month, in solidarity of those who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer and to help raise money to further study the disease and work on prevention. But how did it start? Well, missing Movember has a part to play.

In 2011, Chris Evans announced on twitter that he was going to take part in Decembeard as he’d missed Movember. Alison Selfe, a Beating Bowel Cancer supporter sadly no longer with us, immediately tweeted him back asking him to do it for Beating Bowel Cancer, as she knew his father had died of the disease. It’s been raising money and awareness ever since.

Although primarily target at men aged 20-40, the campaign is just as important for women.

Are you taking part in Decembeard this year?