When you’re travelling abroad, one of the most interesting ways to explore the local culture is to indulge yourself in the local cuisine. You can always taste famous dishes that are only available in certain countries, however, another way to explore the culture of a country is to eat at one of the most exciting and bizarre restaurants in the area. From the well-famed underwater restaurant located 16 feet under the sea level to the sky restaurant in Montreal, you can have a once in a lifetime dining experience that you will never forget. Here are the top most exciting dining experiences to try across the world.

Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Also known as the Rangali Restaurant or Ithaa, this amazing place opened back in 2005 and is the world’s first all-glass underwater restaurant. Encased in a thick acrylic roof, Ithaa lets you please your taste buds with fresh seafood while enjoying the spectacular 270-degree panorama.

exciting dining experiences

Bird’s Nest Tree Pod Restaurant

Located in the amazing Thailand, this hotel gives you a unique opportunity to admire the spectacular view while eating traditional Thai cuisine. This “nest-aurant” hangs 5 meters above the ground, being protected by the natural rain forest in the area.

Redwoods Treehouse, New Zealand

This amazing pod-shaped structure located in Warkworth, NZ, lets you enjoy a great meal in a Redwood tree, 10 meters above the ground. With a capacity of 30 guests, this striking restaurant is used solely for private events and conferences, but sometimes regular tourists are also permitted.

exciting dining experiences

Fangweng Hanging Restaurant, Happy Valley of Xiling Gorge, China

Eating on a cliff in China might be one of your wildest dreams. If not, it is still worth coming to this unique location to enjoy the delicacies of Chinese cuisine while taking in the breathtaking panorama surrounding the cliff.

Ice Restaurant, Iceland

If you’re familiar with the Ice Bar in London, you might be intrigued to enjoy dinner at an Ice Restaurant. This one is in Iceland and for obvious reasons, you will only be able to order cold meals at this unique diner!

exciting dining experiences

Alice in Wonderland Chain, Japan

Alice in Wonderland is such a popular movie in Japan that a well famed corporation decided to open their own chain of restaurants. Each restaurant features a distinct theme: Alice in a Labyrinth, Alice in the old Castle, Alice in Dancing Land. Adorable waitresses in white-blue costumes are waiting to serve you the best dishes in Japan. Most of these restaurants are located in Tokyo.

Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas

At this place, you need a big appetite. The accurately named ‘Heart Attack Grill’ serves up huge, greasy burgers and even the owner of this infamous restaurant told people not to come as the food is bad for you! Even so, thousands of tourists from all over the world are pouring in on a daily basis, eager to taste some of USA’s famous burgers, fries and hot dogs.

Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines 

Philippines is by far the most appealing location to eat. Since the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant has been opened, people from all over the world can enjoy a truly exquisite dining experience, taking lunch while the water from the nearby waterfall flows under their feet. In addition to enjoying the local cuisine, here you can enjoy the amazing natural view and the quiet atmosphere. !Warning! – sandwiches may become soggy and you may need a change of clothes after!

Dinner in the Sky, Montreal

If you got an appetite for high altitudes, then the Dinner in the Sky Restaurant from Montreal might be the thrilling experience you’d want to take on. Only here you can please your taste buds at over 50 meters above the ground. You are literally suspended 50 meters above the ground, being hoisted by a crane right next to the sea. Each diner is securely strapped into their own dining chair for obvious safety reasons while you mull over the menu before enjoying your meal!

exciting dining experiences

So there you have it, there are some pretty unique restaurants around the world aren’t there? What do you make of these? Does the idea of being suspended 50 meters in the air to eat your dinner make your stomach turn? And would you love to eat dinner in, essentially, an aquarium? Let us know in the comments below!