Flying with arthritis

There are many different types of arthritis all of which affect the joints. Therefore, you may want to ensure that you are comfortable when flying with arthritis.

When booking your flights, try to reserve yourself a place on a direct flight without stops to ensure that you do not have to leave the plane and get to another gate. Try to arrive at the airport early, you will then have the time to inform your airline of your needs and this will enable them to make time to fulfil your requirements.

Where needed, take advantage of available shuttle buses and other forms of transportation. You can also request special assistance to help you move around the airport easier.

When your gate attendant calls for early boarders, which is designed for those who need extra time or help to get onto the plane, take advantage of this and pre-board the plane. This will allow you to get comfortable ahead of the mad rush to board.

An aisle seat or bulkhead seat will provide you with more legroom so try to get one of these seats on the plane. If possible, book your seat in advance. However, ensure that you are not allocated a seat in an emergency exit row if you are unable to help other passengers in case of an emergency.

Having arthritis may mean that you have to take your trip at a slower pace, but it certainly shouldn’t stop you from travelling.

You may want to get travel insurance for arthritis that will cover you if you get ill and need treatment while you are abroad.

Do you have any tips for those flying with Arthritis?