New travel ideas for Over 50s

It has become a well know fact that many people are choosing to travel later in life, especially over 50’s! The older traveller has a wide variety of luxury holiday destinations and activities to chose from, whether is nice glass of wine in an American vineyard or an intellectual tour in Rome.

You may have more time on your hands and a little less responsibility, so here are a few new travelling ideas…

Wine Tasting

There is plenty of “wine tasting” information all over the internet. If you have a passion or even the slightest interest in wine tasting, go ahead. Arrange a tour to an exotic location anywhere in the world, such as the Napa Valley- which is famous for its wineries.  If you do chose to sample a vineyard in the US make sure you sort your travel insurance and get a travel visa for the US (or just fill out an ESTA form if you are from a participating country).

Cultural or Intellectual Tours

Ever fancied visiting the ancient ruins of Rome? Or your favourite poet’s residence? If you are interested in exploring some culture in person, why not plan such a tour? It might reward you with the satisfaction of a lifetime, and is a chance to refresh your views of the world.

Arranging Your Tour

To enjoy your travelling experience it’s always best to plan ahead. You will have to take into consideration the weather and season, transport, any medical supplies you need and your travel insurance and visas. If your destination is the US, you will not require a visa if you are travelling from a country that is participating in the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) program. Just fill out the ESTA form three days prior to your travel date and you are done.

Enjoy your travels!