Following the recent events in Egypt…
If you are a policyholder with a holiday booked to Egypt, please read the following information. Our thoughts are with anyone who was affected by the Sinai plane crash.
Please note this information is up to date as at 10/11/15. This is an ongoing situation so guidance may change. Please ensure you check our website prior to travel.

For the most up to date information:

ALLCLEAR GOLD AND ALLCLEAR GOLD PLUS: If you are an AllClear Gold or AllClear Gold Plus policyholder the following guidelines apply:

12/11/15: Please note the below guidelines are extended up to and including Sunday 15th November 2015.  After this date, benefit will return to the cover explained in your relevant policy wording booklet.

If you’re currently in Egypt:
Please contact your holiday company as soon as possible as they should be able to help make arrangements for you to return home.
• Medical expenses – Any medical claims arising as a result of any attacks are fully covered under the policy terms and conditions.
• Repatriation – Both holiday companies and the British government are looking to repatriate those in Egypt. If, for any reason, you’re unable to be repatriated by either of these then we will provide cover for this in line with your medical needs.
• Cutting short your trip – If you have chosen to end your holiday and no refund is available from your holiday company, we will provide cover up to £1,000 per person for the cost of your lost holiday upon receipt of clarification from your holiday company as to why they will not reimburse this to you. This is extra cover that is not detailed in the policy terms and conditions, therefore the limits set out in the policy booklet do not apply in this case.

If you are currently in Egypt and have made independent arrangements, (i.e. you do not have a holiday company that can assist you with extended room only accommodation costs that you need to incur after your planned return date), we will allow claims to be submitted under this section, within the £1,000 limit, to assist you with these costs that you cannot get back from any other source.

1. If you are stranded in Egypt, longer than planned, your insurance will extend during this time.
2. If you travel home without your baggage (i.e. the government has flown you home and your baggage has been taken separately) you are NOT covered for any type of baggage delay whilst you wait for this, and if the baggage goes missing, you should direct your claim to the government agency returning your baggage. If your claim has not been fully successful, and you can provide evidence of the claim made and the final decision (including all necessary reports) then we may consider a baggage loss claim for any shortfall.

If you are still in the UK and have not yet travelled:
Please contact your holiday company as soon as you can as they should be able to either rearrange your holiday for another time or offer you a full refund. If you have a travel insurance policy with us, we can change this to cover your new holiday providing the new trip is within three months of your original departure date, is for the same (or no longer) duration and is to the same geographical area. If your trip is cancelled and you are being fully refunded by your holiday company and so have no claim to make under this insurance, we will also consider the cancellation and refund of your existing policy. Please note that this will only apply to Single Trip policies for specific trips covering the dates concerned.

• Cancellation – If you’re cancelling a future holiday to Egypt, in the first instance, you should speak to your holiday company, as most companies are offering a full refund/change of destination. However, if you find that these are not available to you, we will look at these instances on a case-by-case basis which will again, be subject to receipt of clarification from your holiday company as to the reason why this will not be refunded.

Please Note: With regards to travel delay / delayed departure, please note that we will EITHER consider:

Delayed departure cover for the standard benefit every 12 hours their departure is delayed
The cost of their additional room charges (room only) under curtailment, as described below.

We will be unable to consider any claims that incorporate both of the above.

ALLCLEAR TRAVELLER: If you are an AllClear Traveller policyholder the following guidelines apply:

For all AllClear Traveller policies issued and trips booked before the date of the crash on 31st October 2015 we can confirm that the following cover is in place.

We will offer cover under the travel delay section of the policies where this cover exists.

Cancellation of trips after a 12 hour delay will be assessed on a case by case basis. The first point of contact should, however, be the tour operator or airline.

Cancellation of a trip due to you not feeling as though you would feel safe making a trip to this area would be deemed as disinclination to travel and would not be covered.

If you wish to change your area of insurance as you have found an alternative trip then we can amend your policy. Any charges should you look to increase your area of cover will still apply. Likewise we will look to reimburse you should they decrease. This is dependent upon you confirming in writing that no claim will be made against the Sinai trip.

Any policy purchased after the event, even if it covers a trip booked before the event will not hold the cover as outlined above.

GOOD TO GO: If you are a Good To Go policyholder the following guidelines apply:

Any policy bought for trips with flights to (including stop overs) Sharm el-Sheikh after the cut-off date, 5pm on 04/11/15 will not be covered.

If you are currently in Egypt:

The travel insurance policy will only provide travel delay cover for specific reasons, and delays due to increased security risk are not one of these. This is a situation where you have contracted with an airline or travel provider for a service that they have been unable to fulfil. As such, it is their legal obligation to assist and support you in getting home.
As the UK government have advised against all but essential travel through Sharm el-Sheikh airport, it is likely that the travel provider will make arrangements for your return as soon as possible and they will meet any additional accommodation costs whilst you are delayed.
The cost of additional accommodation whilst abroad as a result of this incident is not covered although, where directly affected by the events, we will review each case on its merits.

If you are still in the UK and have not yet travelled:

The UK government have advised all but essential travel through Sharm el-Sheikh airport for security reasons and in this instance your travel insurance policy will not normally offer any compensation as it only provides cancellation cover for specific reasons. In the first instance you should contact your airline and travel provider to cancel and obtain a refund or discuss alternative arrangements.
Where a travel provider will not provide a refund we will consider cancellation claims on a case by case basis.

If you reschedule your travel arrangements and wish to transfer your insurance to your new travel arrangements: Due to the recent events at Sharm el-Sheikh airport, some travel providers have offered customers the option to change their travel destination and/or dates of travel. Provided that there is no impact in the travel insurance policy premium, an administration cost will not be charged for any amendments. If there is a change that alters the premium due to a change in destination or duration, the cost of the policy will be adjusted and monies due refunded or a charge made for the additional premium. However, there will be no administration charge. A travel insurance policy will not provide any cover for loss of services or loss of enjoyment following an incident. However, we would advise contacting your travel provider and asking their advice.

Policy Refunds: If the policy is a Single Trip policy then a full refund will be offered but we cannot offer policy refunds for Annual Multi-Trip policyholders.

If you have purchased the following policies guidance will be issued in due course:
Trust 2 Travel
OK 2 Travel

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