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Ok, so the UK weather has been typically temperamental so far this year. We have had some lovely, long hot days, but also more than our fair share of rain. With the school summer holidays now upon us, the question is, will there be lots more sunshine to enjoy?

Given the ups and downs of the weather then, it is quite surprising then that many Brits are postponing their summer holidays until the Autumn, because they don’t want to miss sunny weather at home, according to this travel agents survey. (although to be fair, I think at the time this survey was done, we had been having a very hot and sunny spell!)

So why this change? It seems we want to make the best of the UK weather and enjoy those British BBQs, beaches and beer gardens! A lot of the time, this does seem like a good plan. After all, there has been numerous instances over the last few months when  the UK weather has been better than in the Mediterranean. Going abroad in the Autumn or winter means you can avoid those peak periods, high prices,  and stifling heat, that can occur in July and August.

So what are the main reasons for saving that holiday until the Autumn, according to the survey of 1092 people? Well, the site asked respondents ‘Are you holidaying later than normal this year, for example in autumn or winter, instead of summer?’ Some 56% of respondents said they were.

The reasons broke down as follows:

  • Cheaper holidays later in the year: 42%
  • Expecting UK summer to be hot: 37%
  • Due to work (e.g. holiday availability): 21%
  • No particular reason: 19%
  • Have longer to save up money: 8%
  • Other: 5%

So have you booked a holiday yet? Are you hoping to make the most of the good weather in the UK (and have more time to save up) and going away in the Autumn instead? This can make particular sense if you have a medical condition, like Arthritis – you can benefit from the milder weather here over the summer, and then when it starts to get colder in the UK, enjoy a holiday abroad (Remember, if you do have a medical condition like Arthritis, you will need to make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers your conditions.)

So for those who have a holiday booked in the Autumn, let’s hope the British weather is not too disappointing for the rest of the summer. And for those who DO have a holiday abroad booked over the summer, I hope you don’t get too jealous if we have lovely weather at home too!