arthritis travel insurance for the older traveller

Arthritis affects people of all ages; however, it is most frequently associated with the elderly. Particular types of arthritis such as degenerative osteoarthritis are actually said to be due to age related ‘wear and tear’ of the tissues in the neck, which causes neck pain, stiffness as well as headaches.

Whilst growing old is inevitable, it is possible to grow old gracefully and reduce the risk of some forms of premature arthritis. Diet and exercise are key factors in helping to reduce this risk and it is essential to stay motivated. A healthy diet and exercise will reduce strain on your joints by keeping you at a healthy weight.

But what about if you already have arthritis?

Living with arthritis can be challenging as you get older, however, with support you should still be able to do all of the things you enjoy- including travelling. This is an issue which is very important to us.

Planning and preparation are key to travelling with arthritis and enjoying your holiday. Before you travel, you should discuss your destination with your doctor and it is important to remember to take extra medication in case of loss or damage. If you are flying with arthritis, you may also like to carry any medication if your hand luggage and book priority seating to ensure you are comfortable.

If you would like more tips and information on travelling with arthritis, take a read of our handy fact-file page.