1st-7th June is Arrhythmia Alliance heart rhythm awareness week for the 11th year running. Over the years Arrhythmia Alliance has bought people together to raise awareness and understanding of arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat) by fundraising, holding events and creating awareness packs available to the public.

Symptoms of arrhythmias include a quickened (100 or above bpm) or very slow heartbeat (60 or below bpm) yet some cases include no symptoms at all. Other symptoms include heart palpitations, feeling noticeable slow pauses between beats, light headedness, shortness of breath and passing out. In severe cases arrhythmias can cause stroke, heart failure and even cardiac arrest.

heart rhythm awareness

Treating and managing heart arrhythmia can be done with prescribed medication and certain lifestyle changes. Certain substances can contribute to heart arrhythmias including caffeine, alcohol and recreational drugs so it’s important to avoid these. Monitoring your pulse, controlling your weight and enjoying regular physical activity can all help with the symptoms of heart arrhythmias so living a healthy lifestyle in general can help you vastly.

‘Know your pulse’ is the message Arrhythmia Alliance is spreading this year. They have built a ‘pulse check’ app available on mobile and online enabling you to detect your pulse and tap/click at each beat to help the app record the beats per minute. Your results will then show you your beats per minute.

Researchers are continuously working towards a cure for heart arrhythmias and are constantly making progress. In the mean time, taking prescribed medication, making necessary lifestyle changes and helping to create awareness can all help the cause which is the main aim of heart rhythm awareness week.

To get involved head here for more information on fundraising, awareness and events.