After working hard for most of their adult lives, you might be lead to think that the over 60’s age bracket would simply like to sit back, relax and enjoy their retirement years at home. However, holiday habits and trends would suggest otherwise.

While you may think that those who have retired might prefer to go away once a year, not too far from home and perhaps with family, there are suggestions that over 60’s go on holiday as much as three times a year and some of them like to travel solo!

Holiday Trends 

Generally, even in the most unforgiving of economic times, holidays still remain a priority for most of us Brits. Most Brits tend to go on their summer holidays during July and August.

While retired couples still love to take their holidays during the warmer months of the year, many opt for May and September, generally tending to avoid the peak periods of July and August. This generally also makes for a lower price due to being outside of school holidays.

However in terms of holiday spending, retired couples spend the most. For those at this age, the cost of the holiday is the least influential factor, with travellers aged between 60 and 69 spending an average of £794 on travel and accommodation while on holiday.

A lot of Brits prefer to stay in the UK on a ‘staycation’ and out of those who venture abroad, a large number stay in Europe, preferring destinations such as Spain and Portugal. However, the over 60’s bracket is becoming more adventurous, wanting to travel further afield.

Independent travel 

At over 60, many are looking for new holiday experiences. After the children have grown up and left, it appears that parents start focusing on themselves and planning adventures! They are not only spending more time and money on average, but are also most likely to want to experiment with new and exotic locations. A trend that began a little under a decade ago is said to be more attractive to the over 60’s than younger generations – backpacking.

Many adopt a new breezy attitude, abandoning traditional beach holidays to visit destinations such as South Korea, Thailand, China and South America, exploring the countries and terrains.

Solo travel

Solo travel is another growing trend that can’t be ignored. Those who opt for solo holidays, like meeting other like-minded people and travelling to more than one country during one trip.


British holidaymakers of all ages love cruising but they do appeal largely to a slightly older audience. The cruise offers a variety of things to do, exotic locations and experiences, and holidaymakers can choose how far from home they want to travel and for how long.

holiday habits

Are you over 60? Are people surprised by your sense of adventure when it comes to travelling the world? Let us know the last exotic place you visited in the comments below!