Travel insurance for epilepsy


More than 1 in 200 people have epilepsy in some form, but Stephen and Denise Wottrich are a married couple who both have similar forms of epilepsy – in fact they met through treatment for their condition. Their epilepsy can cause up to 10 seizures a day but they say that learning to look after each other has made them both stronger.

Both Stephen and Denise have had epilepsy from a young age, but they do everything they can to still live life to the full. Neither Stephen nor Denise get any warning signs, such as auras, before a fit, but they both can tell when the other is going to have one. When a seizure comes on, they make each other comfortable, ensuring that there’s nothing around that could cause an injury.

The couple say that having epilepsy shouldn’t mean you need to shut yourself away from the world: “It’s important to talk to family and friends about your condition. Some people are afraid of epilepsy, but you can help educate them if you learn about it yourself. Be as independent as you can. Don’t hide from your epilepsy.”

At AllClear we completely agree that epilepsy should not stop you from living the life that you want to and we believe that everyone deserves the right to travel. We have put together a guide on Travelling with Epilepsy which may be useful to you, or your family or friends.