Travelling with a medical condition. Travelling with a disability.


You may have been watching the new series of How to Look Good Naked lately. We just thought we would share it with you to hear what you thought or in case you would still like to catch it on 4OnDemand.

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In this three-part special, Gok met three disabled women with low body confidence. And Hollyoaks actress Kelly Marie Stewart and opera singer Denise Leigh gave an insight into their lives as the public faces of disability.

In Episode 1, shown on the 19th Jan, Gok met single-mum Tracy Warren from Leicestershire, who has been using a wheelchair since 2007. Gok helped give Tracy confidence to wheel down the runway in front of thousands. In Episode 2, shown on the 26th Jan, Gok met 44-year-old mother-of-three Clare Smith, who had her leg amputated four years ago following a motorbike accident – and gave her a whole new look. In the final episode, on the 2nd Feb, and Gok helped Di Cram, a 54-year-old magistrate from Exeter who is blind, to get a better sense of her actual body shape through touch.

Overall, we thought the series was really useful and an interesting insight on living with a disability – it was amazing how Gok could use clothes and small changes in appearance to really improves the participant’s body confidence so drastically. The only complaint is that it is a shame it was only a 3 part series – it would have been better if it was more episodes.

Here is what Gok Wan had to say about the series… “The women, who gave their stories to us to film, are courageous members of our society who just wanted to be heard regardless of their disabilities. These shows go beyond clothes and haircuts: they carefully and compassionately illustrate that all women, without prejudice, deserve to feel good in their own skin. It is hard to believe there are still taboos around discussing disabilities when so many people in the UK are living with them. We cannot take this lightly, and a difference needs to be made. How To Look Good Naked is an inclusive show which tackles many body issues, from weight gain to weight loss, from body hatred to lack of body identity, and there was a need to include disabilities within its ethos. I am very proud of what we have produced and I truly believe these three incredible programmes will help us to break down some archaic stereotypes and also to find a way to accept that we are all individuals.”

Gok’s Top Tips for Dressing with a Difference:
-Don’t be afraid of fashion just because you have a disability.
-Like any able bodied person, underwear is key to getting your outfit right.
-Customizing is a must! Find a local tailor/seamstress that can work her magic – it will open up your options.
-Commit to a couple of different of styles each season and this will help with your body confidence.
-The most important thing to remember is that people are looking at you and NOT at your disability – so hold your head high and feel proud of who you are!

There is a How to Look Good naked survey that you might want to look at and fill in too?

How many of you saw the programmes? We would be interested to know what you thought of them? Did the show meet your expectations? Are there any similar shows that you would like to see in the future? Any thoughts on Dancing On Wheels, first episode on the 11th February.