Going on a cruise is certainly an exciting experience, but packing luggage isn’t always so fun. Keep in mind that cruise ship cabins tend to be small so you don’t over pack or take unnecessary items.

So what exactly will you need on your trip? Here are some helpful tips on how to pack for a cruise holiday.

Bring toiletries with you

Don’t always assume you’ll find your favourite toiletries in your cabin. In most cases you’ll only find basic toiletries such as shampoo and soap on board. In fact, on some cruise lines, toiletries offered are limited so you may want to make room in your luggage for your best loved products.

Make sure you know the dress code

Find out more about the dress codes on cruise ships here.

Always check if your cruise company has any special requirements on dress codes and make sure you’re prepared to abide by these dress codes when packing for your holiday. There may be specific formal evenings where ladies will need gowns and men will need dinner suits.

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On board laundry can help you save on space

To enable yourself to pack light, you may want to use the on board laundry service so you can wear your clothes more than once on your trip, meaning you can pack less and take a smaller case. The laundry service may include a charge so be sure to check with your specific cruise company before you set off.

Leave room in your suitcase

Keep in mind that you are likely to pick up a few souvenirs along the way and you need room for them in your luggage as you head back home.

Roll your clothes

Because cabins on cruise ships tend to be quite small, taking a great big suitcase is only going to take up lots of space in the cabin. Consider taking a smaller case. To get the most out of your small suitcase, folding then rolling your clothes can mean you’re able to fit more in. This also minimises creases so you don’t have to spend your time ironing when you arrive!

Extra hangers

Cruise liners tend to have limited hangers so to ensure you’re able to hang all your clothes (also saving space elsewhere) pack some of your own hangers.

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We hope this has helped how you will pack for your cruise holiday. Remember, don’t over-pack and enjoy exploring lots of different countries on a cruise!

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