holiday organisation

With Christmas Season Approaching temperatures drop but stress rises! With so many people making so many plans, dinners to cook, presents to buy, people to visit- it’s easy to get so snowed under (sorry I couldn’t resist!) by the preparations that you forget to relax and enjoy the very company of the family and friends you’ve been fretting to see. Well this blog will help you unwind with some relaxing advice on how to keep calm during Christmas.

Wake up and smell the citrus (have a Citrus Christmas!)

Aroma therapists and even some studies have found that the scent of certain fruits (especially lemon, orange and grapefruits) have had positive effects on peoples moods and overall senses of wellness. While lavender is said to promote relaxation, fresh citrusy scents seem to have energy boosting qualities. So grate some orange on the Christmas pudding, squeeze a little lemon in your morning tea, bite some grapefruit in between those heavy meals as a palate cleanser and to generally refresh. Remember though, as most aroma therapists will tell you: if you enjoy a smell then it will have a positive effect on your mood so don’t feel limited to just citrusy smells.


Christmas season is often about visiting family and friends who may live all over the country, or even all over the world! So visiting people, hosting guests, making arrangements and sticking to timetables can become a stressful process. The key to reducing plan-induced stress is having fewer plans in the first place! If you are invited to 3 events on 2 days maybe say no to one of them to give yourself some breathing space, of course it would be lovely to catch up with everyone over Christmas but you’d be doing nobody any favours if you’re all stressed out because you’re worried about how you’ll get to the next event and unable to enjoy the one you’re already at! If you are travelling around a lot, especially long distance it might also be an idea to get travel insurance.

Get out there

Whether it’s out of the house or out of the country, doing something new and enjoyable is important during Christmas to ensure you don’t get stuck in a rut. Christmas traditions are one thing but sticking to a tiresome or arbitrary habit is not joy inducing. If there is a time to go on holiday and explore new countries, people and cultures then Christmas could be the time to do it. If you are going away ensure it is a stress free holiday by taking out travel insurance.  Remember: variety is the spice of life so get out there and do something new!