If you’re planning on going on a cruise this year and know you need specialist cover for a pre-existing medical condition, have a think about an AllClear cruise-specific insurance policy to cover you for your time away.

Most, if not all, cruise liners require valid travel insurance for each customer as a condition of passage, meaning without cover you might not even be able to get on board! So it makes sense to consider a policy which gives you extra protection for your cruise in case the worst does happen.

What’s the difference between cruise travel insurance and standard travel insurance?

Unlike a regular holiday where you stay at a hotel or a villa and do what you want from dry land, a cruise means being on a ship every day and night, travelling across seas and oceans, with a large number of other people.

Things work slightly differently for this type of holiday.

Our AllClear Cruise travel insurance policy will offer you similar cover you would get with AllClear Travel policies, but with the necessary extras specific to a cruise.

Whether it’s somebody falling ill onboard, the captain confining passengers to their rooms to stop illness spreading, or the weather taking an unexpected turn for the worse, cruise insurance covers travellers for any unforeseen changes to your itinerary, missing a port departure, and more.

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What does cruise insurance cover?

Itinerary changes

With standard travel insurance (or with add-on insurance some cruise operators offer), you may not be covered if your itinerary is forced to change due to engine problems or severe weather conditions.

Unfortunately for travellers, the cruise company does not have to compensate you for any missed destinations (even if you have excursions booked) and the only time you would be likely to get a full refund is if the cruise is cancelled completely. And so you should!

With AllClear Cruise Travel insurance, for example, you could claim up to £500 per traveller if scheduled port visits are cancelled due to adverse weather or timetable issues. Of course, it may not be as exciting as actually visiting Machu Picchu, but hopefully it should help you feel a bit better about things.

Cabin confinement, missed excursions, and treatment on dry land

On a cruise ship with thousands of people, germs are rife. Everybody is staying within a close proximity to each other and cruise ships can be quite enclosed. This means it’s a common environment for germs to breed and cause illnesses amongst cruisers.

If you get ill on your cruise, and to stop the illness spreading more, the ship’s medical advisor may suggest the captain confines you and your party to your cabin until you are fully recovered. Sounds dull doesn’t it? Especially when the cabins are generally pretty small.

However with adequate specialist cruise insurance, such as ours, you can receive £100 per 24 hour period for stateroom confinement each. You’ll also be covered for any excursions you had planned but were unable to use.

To avoid illness on a cruise be especially aware of basic hygiene, washing your hands regularly and before you eat, and generally trying to stay hydrated and healthy.

If your medical condition or accident requires you to be treated in a hospital on dry land, you’ll also get up to £1,000 per traveller for additional travel expenses incurred when to reach the next port to rejoin your cruise.

Missed port departure

Cruise medical travel insurance also covers you for a missed port departure.

If unforeseen circumstances which are no fault of your own result in you missing the port departure from your home country, such as your car breaking down or a road being closed, then it’s likely you will be panicking about extra costs to get you to your cruise ship at its next docking point.

However if you’re covered by AllClear Cruise, our Emergency Assistance Team may help you find a hotel if needed, cover travel expenses, and help get you to the next port so you can still enjoy your holiday.

Purchasing with AllClear Cruise

If you have a pre-existing medical condition it is important to get the appropriate cover you need when travelling abroad. AllClear covers a wide range of medical conditions, from cancer to heart disease, and many more.

Getting a quote is easy, and our online medical screening process will analyse your data, giving you a range of quotes from various providers who can offer you cover, making it easier for you to compare prices.

Purchasing cruise travel insurance which covers your medical condition as well as any unexpected changes during your cruise means you should have complete peace of mind when travelling enabling you to fully enjoy your holiday.


All details are correct at time of writing and apply to AllClear products only. Please check the policy documentation, summary of cover, and wordings before purchasing to ensure you are happy with coverage offered, benefits, and exclusions.