Today is the first day of ‘Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week’ 14th-20th September.

Lymphatic cancer awareness week is to raise awareness, not only about lymphatic cancer, but to emphasise the importance of continued support once treatment has finished and in the recovery period.

It’s also a great way to fundraise for those who work on vital research for lymphoma as well as treatments and diagnosing it.

lymphoma aware

Were you aware that every 40 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with lymphoma? It is currently the fifth most common cancer and the most common type of blood cancer.

There is more than one type of lymphoma from Hodgkin lymphoma to Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and skin lymphoma plus more and many different forms, making treatment and diagnosis difficult.

Lymphoma can occur at any age and it’s the most common cancer in those under the age of 30. It also affects 1 in 10 children diagnosed with cancer.

You can still get involved with lymphatic cancer awareness week by ordering your free pack here. The pack comes full of ideas about getting involved and raising money for the Lymphoma Association.

What about organising an evening with friends or a local coffee morning where everyone donates something to the Lymphoma Association?

You don’t have to organise events to help, there are other ways in which you can raise awareness as well as funds from spreading awareness on social media about the week to making a donation on the website.

If you have Twitter and want to tweet your support for Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week, use the hashtag #LymphomaAware to make your tweets more discoverable and to raise awareness.

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