Busier roads, a lack of manners, no sense of community, the erosion of the social fabric of our society… all common gripes associated with the grumblings of older generations who (as the stereotype would have us believe) hold the view that “things were better in my day”.  However, a new survey suggests that this stereotype is false as it is revealed that the majority of grandparents believe that there has never been a better time to be retired.

Elderly woman using a smartphone

In a new survey, British grandparents voted on what is better now compared to when they were younger, and, to everyone’s surprise nearly 6 in 10 grandparents thought that their quality of life was higher than their parents. It would appear that the typical perception that older people believe life used to be better is a myth.

Richard Drew, CEO of the retirement property specialists retirementmove.co.uk says that “the results suggest there’s never been a greater time to be retired”. Retirement is now something people can start looking forward to since the advances in modern life, specifically in technology, health care and cheap foreign travel.

One thing that the majority agreed on was the improvement in cars, with 9 in 10 respondents preferring the modern motor. Also 8 in 10 grandparents agreed that the internet had improved their life (regardless of the constant pop ups and junk mail!).

Along with these results came a few unpredicted ones. Nearly three quarters of people agreed that food is now tastier, and almost half of respondents said that their life is now better than when they were in their twenties. Respondents also believed shopping is better today than it was in the past and not just due to the advent of shopping online, three in five grandparents said that shops are now better too!

The list of welcomed improvements was extensive, with computing and email being the highest of both, along with internet, cheap foreign travel and high definition TV.

However, modern life was far from universally praised. Over half of respondents were not too keen on the latest music and 40% of people thought that football isn’t as good as it used to be; also, manners, driving etiquette and the overall state of the UK were thought to be worse off now than in the past. When asked to describe today’s life three words that were frequently used were “stressful”, “selfish” and on the upside “optimistic”.

Although the advances and benefits of our time haven’t completely managed to displace the nostalgia of a bygone age, it would appear that there is a lot to be excited about. Richard Drew goes on to state that “We know from the many people talking to us about their retirement that they’re very much looking forward to the future. Modern living is helping retired people to live better, more fulfilled, and active lifestyles”.

To read the full article regarding the survey by retirementmove.co.uk visit SWNS Digital’s ‘Grandparents reveal the benefits of modern life’