Are you one of a growing band of travellers who have been, or have plans, to go on holiday with several generations of your family? If so, you aren’t alone. Numbers of multi-generational, or ‘3G’ holidays, are growing rapidly, with cruises and self-catering villas being the most popular options.

So what’s behind this recent trend? What are the benefits of travelling together? And would you consider a holiday with all the family?

The older generation are enjoying good health for longer, increased leisure time, and disposable income to spend on holiday, so quality time with the family abroad is an attractive option. For those who live far apart from their children and grand-children a multi-gen holiday can be a lovely way to spend time with grandchildren and give parents a break from the usual routine.

All aboard

Cruises – especially to destinations such as the Mediterranean – are a great option for families as there’s something for all on board, and it still allows families time together for mealtimes. The best thing is the diversity – while grandparents are enjoying the sun on deck, mums and dads can treat themselves to a few hours in the spa, and children can be amused by the many on-board entertainment facilities and swimming pools. Everyone can have the holiday they want without the stress, giving each family member the choice to relax or explore.

All inclusive

Some specialist all inclusive companies offer free childcare as part of their packages. This means that while the kids are occupied with numerous clubs and activities, the adults can relax with a cocktail around the pool. Much like cruises above, families can regroup in the evening to share the fun they’ve had during the day, while still getting the space they need during the day.

All together

For those who love a bit of authenticity in their travel, booking a villa or holiday home is a lovely option and gets all the family involved. Being able to go shopping and prepare meals together as well as sharing the same villa or house can cut the cost of the holiday overall. Childcare can also be shared, leaving parents some spare time to explore without the children, and also gives grandparents real bonding time with the younger ones.

Create priceless memories

Our Communications Executive, Laura, has fond memories of holidays with her grandparents. “Growing up, I only saw my grandparents once or twice a year. One year my parents decided to get the family together and book a self catering holiday for a week. It was certainly a new experience for my sister and me as suddenly it wasn’t just about us! But we all had a fun time, with my grandparents sharing stories of their holidays when younger and taking us on trips here and there.

“Granddad sadly developed Alzheimer’s and passed away a few years ago. But rather than feel I missed out because of the distance between us, I really love that I got to spend time with him when I could. It’s something I’ll always remember. Those memories are priceless.”

Have you considered a holiday away with family? Perhaps it’s a regular event for you. Let us know your travel tips below, on Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to share your stories!