medical travel insurance for those with lupus

This October is Lupus awareness month. For those of you who don’t know, lupus is a chronic illness of the immune system, a condition in which the body’s defence mechanism begins to attack itself through an excess of antibodies in the blood stream causing inflammation and damage in the joints, muscles and other organs. You may have lupus, or know a friend or family member who has it.

So how can you get involved in lupus awareness month? Well, there are a few things.

Adopt a Hospital. If you have lupus you will probably have to spend some time visiting your local hospital rheumatology clinic so why not order a Display Board and leaflets to put there. You could also try to get some of these boards located in your local shops, libraries, bookstores and any other location.

Hold a lunch 4Lupus with your family and friends.

The guests, instead of bringing a traditional party gift, will be invited to make a donation to LUPUS UK. The host will receive invitations to send to their guests together with donation forms and some helpful hints on hosting a successful event. If lunch isn’t possible, members can host a coffee morning or a dinner party.  You can always add to fundraising by holding raffles, auctions or party games. Lupus UK would prefer the event to be hold in October, but if it is easier you can hold it after that. You can download a form for a Lunch 4 Lupus here.

If you suffer from Lupus, or know someone that does, you will know that you often need to be organised, because it involves taking quite a lot of medication. This can be especially important if you are going on holiday so here are some tips that may help if you are travelling with lupus.

Make sure that you have comprehensive travel insurance that includes your lupus. This is important in case you need medical treatment while you are away. This can be very expensive, and you may not be covered if you have not declared your condition.

Remember to take enough lupus medication with you on your travels!

Make sure that you take extra supplies of all your medication with you in case any is lost or damaged. Keep the medication in your hand luggage with you if you are going on a plane, and keep the names of the medication separately with you, in case you need to get more while you are away.

Make sure you communicate about your trip with your doctor with plenty of time still to go. That way your doctor can let you know whether you need to make any changes to your medication etc

So hope it all goes well if you are involved with Lupus Awareness Month, and I hope that the travelling with lupus tips help too.