If preparing for a holiday gets you all in a fluster, it’s time to calm down and read these tips on how to become an organised traveller. From packing to making it to your accommodation without getting lost, these tips will ensure you arrive and can enjoy your trip stress-free!

Keep your documents together
Passport, boarding passes, directions and any other documents you may need, keep them all together in a stylish travel document wallet. (see a roundup of great wallets here.) This way, you’ve got minimal chance of losing a ticket out of your open passport!

Know the way to your location
Before you arrive in your destination, plan how you’re going to get to your accommodation. Print out a map and keep it with all your documents so you’re able to reach your location as easily as possible.

Travel light
The worst thing you can do when trying to be an organised traveller is to over pack with clothes and things you really don’t need. Try to plan your outfits, what you’ll wear in the day and what you’ll wear in the evening, then there’s no reason to bring things you won’t wear. Pack light and getting from location to location will be much easier. Who wants to lug around a huge suitcase plus extra bags in a country you’re not familiar with!?

Make lists
Lists are the best way to ensure you don’t forget a thing, go one by one down your list and tick each item off. Start with your essentials – documents, phone, camera, chargers, money then work your way through what you’ll need.

Wear your bulkiest items to travel in
If you’re taking trainers to walk in, and one pair of trousers and a cardigan/jumper in case it’s chilly in the evenings then try and wear these when you travel. They’ll leave space for more in your case and also keep you warm on the airplane!

tips for being an organised traveller

Which tips do you use to ensure you’re organised when travelling? Let us know in the comments below!