Medical travel insurance following stroke.


Just a quick health story about treatment for stroke victims – really nice to include in our blog as it is such a positive story.

It is from  an article about InterAct, a reading service charity, where professional actors read aloud to stroke patients at hospital. A number of patients have said that this provides an invaluable service, which relay aids in their recovery.

Being read to after a stroke can improve your health

 In Britain, the depression rate among stroke sufferers is almost 70% and according to Dr Lalit Kalra, Professor of Stroke Medicine at London’s King College Hospital, depression can greatly care the healing process. This is where InterAct comes in, there is evidence that stimulation of the brain speeds up recovery in stroke victims.

The charity was the brainchild of theatre director Caroline Smith, and was launched in 2000 as a way for the arts and the health service to collaborate. Caroline was conscious of the abundance of wasted talent among the hundreds of ‘resting’ professional actors in Britain. Today, InterAct provides a regular reading service in more than 21 hospitals and 34 stroke clubs worldwide.  Listening to a person, instead of the radio, is important because the actor can interpret his audience of one, and adapt their reading to suit the person’s needs.

I think this charity’s aims sound great. It is a way to help improve stroke patients wellbeing, while at the same time a fulfilling volunteer opportunity for out of work actors…What do others think?