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Archive for: August, 2013
Musician with asthma left singing tale of woe

Failing to declare his asthma to his travel insurers left Joe Lethbridge with an enormous medical bill Joe Lethbridge, 30, likes to take chances. As the bass player in a rock band, Heavy Loaded Dice, that is perhaps not a surprise. But a gamble with his travel insurance last year very nearly had terrible consequences, Read More

Treatment plans for your asthma when on holiday

  Asthma UK has recently expressed concern at differences in the numbers of people being rushed to hospital with an asthma attack in the UK, depending on where they live. Its Compare Your Care campaign aim to find out why this geographical variation exists with the aim of better care for people with the condition. Read More

Tips for Low-Allergen travels when travelling with asthma

We read an interesting article the other day about changes that you can make to your garden to reduce the problems experienced by asthma sufferers. Now that’s all very well when you are at home, but this really got us thinking about how you can reduce your exposure to allergens when exploring the countryside on holiday too. Read More

Bill Bailey: Comedy and Medical Conditions

When you think of Bill Bailey you probably think of ‘Never mind the Buzzcocks’, QI, stand up comedy and crazy musical instruments, but one thing you may not know is that he also suffers from asthma, as I discovered in an article in the Mail on Sunday.