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Archive for: June, 2010
Travelling with Epilepsy

The 13th to the 19th June is National Epilepsy Week. The theme of National Epilepsy Week this year is young people with epilepsy. Having epilepsy, seizures and taking anti-epileptic drugs may have a huge impact on people’s lives. It may affect how you study or work, what sports you play and what time you go to bed.

Stars in their eyes

You might find it hard to believe, given Alison Steadman’s ditzy cheerful character in Gavin and Stacey, but over 20 years ago, Alison real life was far more complicated when she suffered a severe threat to her eyes.

The pros and cons of Statins

Statins, the cholesterol lowering tablets, are prescribed to around 6 million people in the UK, so it is likely that some of you reading this blog are currently taking statins. Statins work by reducing the amount of ‘bad cholesterol’ in the blood, which can cause the build up of fatty deposits in the arteries and lead to coronary artery disease.

Arrhythmias and Travel

Arrthymia is a change in your natural heart rate – an increase or decrease in speed, extra beats or even missed beats – due to a change in the normal electrical pattern of a heartbeat.

Holidays for your heart

So you have suffered from a heart attack or have been diagnosed with heart disease. You would not be alone – you would be among 3.5 million Britons, but what does this mean for you now personally? You may have the medication, and made the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle but how about living the rest of your life? It may be that you have a holiday booked and are now not sure whether you can go on it. Maybe it involved specific activities like horse riding or skiing and now you are not sure whether you can do this activity.

Cancer and Car Travel

There has been a flurry of newspaper articles at the moment talking about how hospital parking costs add to stress. A survey by consumer watchdog Which? found that high charges, overcrowding and confusing payment systems are all blamed by the public in England.

2012 Travel

It is now only 2 and a half years to London 2012, where paralympic athletes from all over the world will be travelling to London to compete. So we thought now was as good a time as any to put together some information about disability travel. So here are some tips on travelling with a disability, and how to avoid any possible pitfalls