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Archive for: July, 2014
Living with Arthritis

If you have arthritis, carrying out simple everyday tasks can be difficult and sometimes painful. However, there are many people, services and products that can help you to manage your condition so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle. Working with arthritis Working part-time or full-time, will mean that those with arthritis can still support Read More

Exercise and Arthritis

There are many myths surrounding  exercise and arthritis. Does exercising really benefit those with arthritis, or can it cause further damage to your joints? Well, a recent study from Ohio State University revealed that physical exercise can result in physiological changes that decrease inflammation on a systemic and local level, which in turn alleviates the impact Read More

Healthy aging for people with Arthritis

Arthritis affects people of all ages; however, it is most frequently associated with the elderly. Particular types of arthritis such as degenerative osteoarthritis are actually said to be due to age related ‘wear and tear’ of the tissues in the neck, which causes neck pain, stiffness as well as headaches. Whilst growing old is inevitable, Read More

Broccoli could help Reduce the Chances of Developing Arthritis

  Over 10 million people suffer from arthritis in the UK alone (around 50million in the US), the disease is most common in the elderly and can often inhibit one’s freedom and independence which can be especially problematic if you enjoy travelling. So we were interested to read that the University of East Anglia has started human trials to Read More

Medical inventions that improve quality of life

A quick scan of the papers has revealed some very interesting medical devices that have been invented. Both devices seem to really improve quality of life for people with medical conditions