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Travel to Relieve Stress

Stress seems to be more common than the common cold (and that even has common its name!) these days, but simply ensuring that you are aware that you have become stressed is the first step towards beating it. Spot the Symptoms. Stress can manifest itself differently for different people so find out how it surfaces in Read More

Top 10 Tips to check in the Travel Insurance small print

We are the first to admit it – our travel insurance small print is often difficult to read and can on occasion be confusing in its presentation. Indeed, our latest competition asked people what they hated about travel insurance, and small print and jargon came out near the top.

Have you got the BBQ Blues?

Ok, so the UK weather has been typically temperamental so far this year. We have had some lovely, long hot days, but also more than our fair share of rain. With the school summer holidays now upon us, the question is, will there be lots more sunshine to enjoy?

Feeling inspired by the Tour de France?

You have probably all heard of the Tour de France, and the ubiquitous yellow jersey which runs throughout the month of July. But in the same way Wimbledon can get you in the mood for playing tennis, and the Marathon can tempt you to take up running, how are you feeling about cycling right now?

5 Popular misconceptions about travel insurance

Insurance of any kind can be quite a complicated thing – there are often lots of jargon terms used and understanding the levels of cover, and excesses etc, can be quite tricky. The AllClear Jargon Buster could help you here, but to help you even more, we wanted to put to rest some of the popular misconceptions about travel insurance.

Stay healthy on your hols!

We are approaching the summer school holidays, the busiest time of the year for us Brits to go on holiday. Time for lots of sun, sea, and sand.

But today, I wanted to talk to you a little more about travelling to these exotic destinations. How many times have you noticed that you get off the plane at your destination, or return home, with a little case of the sniffles.

Holidays and Stress

As you may have heard, today is National Stress Awareness Day. So I wanted to talk about holidays…Now I know that might sound a little weird putting holidays and stress into the same sentence. But actually the preparation for a holiday can be pretty stressful, and so I thought I would put a few tips together so that you can get on with unwinding and enjoying your holiday.

A tale of travel traumas and travel insurance

Unfortunately, I am talking today about a familiar story. We have all heard of people travelling without adequate travel insurance and then the horror stories if they then fall ill abroad. It really makes you stop and think… This time a British woman from Liverpool had a heart attack while on an American cruise and is now stuck in Mexico with escalating hospital costs. The couple were not covered by their HSBC travel insurance as Valerie already had angina.

Recession Busting Travel Insurance with AllClear’s 20% Online Discounts

It is a financially difficult time of the year, particularly with the Government spending review on the 20th October, and Christmas just around the corner, and we are still tightening our belts. We are all looking for new and easy ways to save money, and that includes our well-deserved holidays. AllClear Travel, the specialist travel insurance providers for people with medical conditions, want to help you out. That is why for the first time ever, we are offering our biggest ever recession-buster discount.