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A Q&A with AllClear

A Q&A with AllClear We’ve always been the first to admit that finding the correct travel cover can be difficult, but today we want to banish your doubts and misconceptions by providing clear and concise answers to some commonly asked travel insurance questions. So, let’s begin… Q. “I don’t have high blood pressure anymore because Read More

When the winter sets in, do you run hot or cold?

Winter is on its way with snow flurries already affecting parts of the UK. The months heading into 2014 have been forecast as being “exceptionally severe” with above-average snowfall and plunging temperatures expected. If the very thought of ice makes you shiver in dread, you may want to consider heading off to sunnier climates. A Read More

Planning a winter holiday? Here are some fresh ideas on where to go

It’s that time of the year again- the days are getting shorter and our winter coats are unfortunately out for good. It’s no wonder therefore that we are all craving a winter holiday. We’ve all heard of the usual winter hotspots, but what about trying some new and visiting a country you had never considered Read More

Travel to Relieve Stress

Stress seems to be more common than the common cold (and that even has common its name!) these days, but simply ensuring that you are aware that you have become stressed is the first step towards beating it. Spot the Symptoms. Stress can manifest itself differently for different people so find out how it surfaces in Read More

Don’t let a medical condition or disability stop you from travelling

If you are one of the millions of people around the world who have the time and the resources to travel, but who have physical restrictions or are disabled, you are not alone. Today you are part of a growing trend of travellers. The travel and tourism market for people with physical restrictions or disabilities Read More

Need to know information if you are travelling to Egypt

We are sure that many of you are aware of the worsening political situation in Egypt. Although this is concerning in its own right, you may be particularly anxious if you have a trip planned in Egypt. This is why we have put together this specific information that should help you. Firstly, it is important Read More

Musician with asthma left singing tale of woe

Failing to declare his asthma to his travel insurers left Joe Lethbridge with an enormous medical bill Joe Lethbridge, 30, likes to take chances. As the bass player in a rock band, Heavy Loaded Dice, that is perhaps not a surprise. But a gamble with his travel insurance last year very nearly had terrible consequences, Read More

Planning a trip to Australia? Need to know info on Australia’s Reciprocal Health Agreement

Are you planning on travelling to Australia soon? Here is some vital information on Australia’s reciprocal health care agreement. The Australian government has signed reciprocal health agreements with the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Belgium, Malta, Slovenia and Norway. These agreements mean that residents of these countries Read More

Some great ideas for the summer

This summer is proving to be a great one and is definitely living up to the unforgettable Olympic Games of last year. We want our customers to make the most of their summer, whether at home or abroad, so here are some great ideas for you to consider: Get fit- We have all heard of Read More

Guest Post: Gramping – Glamping for Grandparents! – By Chris Dyke from Mill Farm Glamping

  Gramping is the newest camping trend ensuring that grandparents can still enjoy everything that camping has to offer, but with all the luxuries you would expect from a 4 or 5 star hotel. Glamping sites across the UK allow camping to be enjoyed but without the lack of homely comforts. Sites frequently have facilities Read More