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Archive for: April, 2014
Heart Transplant Patient takes on scariest Disney rides

When Nicola Hague suffered a devastating stroke at the age of just 18, doctors advised her parents Michael and Denise to prepare for the worst. They did not think Nicola would survive the night. Despite the grave concerns of the medical staff, she pulled through, and today, 34-year old Nicola leads a full and active Read More

Wellness breaks that are good for the heart

Following the diagnosis of a heart condition it is important to find time to rest. Taking a short relaxing holiday may be more appropriate than destinations that require a high level of activity. While a wellness break is not going to be an adrenaline-fuelled vacation, it can be a great way of giving yourself the Read More

Wise Investment Pays Off for Cardiac patient

While there are plenty of destinations to choose from in the world, many find that they have less choice when it comes to the all-important travel insurance. This is something that 64-year old Barry Everett from West Yorkshire experienced first-hand after having a double cardiac arrest after Christmas in 2010. “I knew very well from Read More

Scorpion Sting could help heart patients

Ok, when we think of scary creatures, scorpions are probably quite near the top of the list, together with spiders, and snakes. But actually scorpions may not be as bad as you think –they may be able to provide a useful function for people in the future who require a bypass.

Red for Heart Month

Over the last few weeks, you could be forgiven for thinking that all the red hearts that you see are to do with Valentine’s Day, but that is not necessarily true. This February is also National Heart month – the month all about fighting heart disease.