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Archive for: October, 2012
Multiple sclerosis didn’t stop me travelling world

In this blog post, we wanted to share an uplifting good news story that we found online about an individual’s personal travel experiences.

As you know, at AllClear we believe that everyone deserves the right to travel. And this story demonstrates how people with a medical condition can do just that….

Holidays are good for you!

Today has been designated Blue Monday – officially the most depressing day of the year. Apparently, post Christmas boredom, bad weather and failed resolutions all contribute to this miserable day. Ok, so this might be bit of nonsense, but in general January is not the most cheerful of months, and we often find ourselves dreaming of our next holiday as that perfect way to beat the winter blues.

Want a traditional Christmas – How about a Game?

Ok, so when we think of a traditional Christmas, we might be thinking of sitting in front of a roaring open fire, playing board games like Monopoly, and hoping the family competitive spirit doesn’t get too out of hand…….But there is another type of Game that can be important in this season too – the meat variety.

You are what you tweet

Are you a big fan of Twitter. Or have you never used it? You may have had a look but then been put off by some of the seemingly inane tweets – along the lines of what people have had for breakfast, or their plans for dinner. But, actually, Twitter can be more useful than you think. Seemingly tedious comments about headaches and hangovers can reveal nation-wide health trends and misconceptions, according to this article.

Stay healthy on your hols!

We are approaching the summer school holidays, the busiest time of the year for us Brits to go on holiday. Time for lots of sun, sea, and sand.

But today, I wanted to talk to you a little more about travelling to these exotic destinations. How many times have you noticed that you get off the plane at your destination, or return home, with a little case of the sniffles.

Do you know how to keep yourself safe in the sun?

With all the rainy weather we have been having in the UK, you might not have been worrying too much about the sun. However, today was still the first official day of summer and if you have a summer holiday planned, you will likely be packing your sun cream, so it is something that you can ‘t really avoid. Sun, like so many other things that we enjoy (cakes, chips and sleeping to name just a few) is good for us, but in moderation. The problem is, this is often something we forget when we expose our pasty bodies to those 2 weeks in the sun!