Top tips for travelling with diabetes

According to Diabetes UK, every three minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with diabetes. Although these figures already seem worrying, they are only expected to grow.

At AllClear we understand that diabetes can affect many aspects of your life, and we wanted to share some advice with you to make travelling with diabetes a little easier.

A common worry for many diabetic travellers is what to do about their medication – in particular where to store their insulin while travelling. However, if you have a letter from your doctor- there should be no problem. Despite extensive airline security in place, people with diabetes are able to carry insulin in their hand luggage. If you do find that you experience some difficulties, it is always worth speaking to a senior manager, who should know the regulations regarding air travel and insulin.

If for any reason you have to put your insulin in the hold then it is essential that it is stored in an air tight container and thoroughly checked for any damage after your flight.

If you have any other concerns about travelling with diabetes, you may find our factfile useful.

Diabetes should not affect your travelling plans and your travel insurance also need not be a worry. AllClear can offer travel insurance even to diabetic travellers, as we believe that living with diabetes should not prevent you from enjoying your holiday. Do let us know your own experiences of travelling with diabetes; we would love to hear them…