Travelling after cancer treatment

People with cancer usually travel for the same reasons as everyone else- to enjoy a great holiday.

After cancer treatment however, there are certain extra things to consider and plan for.

Your destination

When planning your holiday after cancer treatment you should first confirm with your doctor that you are fit to travel.

When choosing your destination, it is beneficial to try and be realistic. Also keep in mind that places you have been to before may no longer be suitable.

Think about whether or not the local area and your hotel facilities will be able to accommodate for your specific needs.

Many travel companies also have medical officers who can arrange early boarding, wheelchairs and any special dietary requirements. This can help make flying after cancer treatment a little easier.

Your physical needs

The physical needs of every cancer patient will vary depending on factors such as the destination, the length of trip and the type of treatment they have had.

You may need to consider factors such as:

– Feeling tired after a course of treatment

– Being at more risk of getting an infection

– Being more sensitive to the sun

– Feeling sick

– Diarrhoea

Although these factors may not stop you from travelling, it is worth thinking about how you will deal with them while you are away.

Travel insurance

Finding travel insurance is something that may prove more difficult after cancer, but it is an essential part to travelling with peace of mind.

Ensuring you have specialist medical travel insurance to cover your cancer will mean that you are covered in the event that you need to be brought home or require treatment while you are away.


To visit some countries, you need certain vaccinations. If you have a weakened immune system or are taking certain cancer drugs, you may not be able to have some of these vaccinations. It is important to check this with your doctor before booking your holiday.


If you are travelling with medication for your cancer, you should plan how much you will need to take and get these prescriptions before travelling. Also make sure you take an extra supply in case any is lost or damaged.

If you plan on carrying cancer medication in your hand luggage, check your individual airline guidelines.

Have you travelled after cancer treatment? Do you have any tips on what to consider when planning your holiday?