using your smartphone abroad

If you’re taking your smartphone abroad on your next holiday then we have a few quick tips for you.

Check your current phone carrier plan

When travelling abroad the data roaming charges can be absurd. These charges however, can be avoided if you modify your current phone carrier plan.

Most major phone carriers offer plans for their customers when they go abroad, which if used can save you significant amounts of money. Some of these plans come in prepaid voice and data packages that you can buy before you travel.

Various data roaming deals can be found online so don’t hesitate to shop around.

Use the internet to stay in touch

To cut down on calls and texts when abroad, you can use social media apps on your smartphone instead. There are a wide variety of social media apps available to download which can be used as an alternative to sending texts/using your minutes. Many of these apps are free to use and offer both voice chat as well as video chat.

Scope out hotspots

Before you travel to your set destination, research the local WI-FI spots in the area you’re going to visit. You’ll be able to surf the web, access emails and use the apps you want, all for free!

Many restaurants and bars offer free WI-FI access for their customers. If you’re on holiday and are regularly eating out at restaurants or relaxing at bars, WI-FI hotspots can be an easy way to catch up on your daily data roaming without having to pay for a plan.

Pack a portable external battery

If you’re using your smartphone abroad to roam the internet and use apps regularly, taking a portable battery pack may be advisable. Apps drain smartphone batteries quickly and can leave you with only a few hours of usage.

Having an external battery pack means you can recharge your smartphone on the move, so you’re roaming and picture taking never has to end!

Do you have any tips for using a smartphone abroad?