Parkinson's disease travel insurance

Living with Parkinson’s can be difficult, particularly as everyone with the condition experiences different symptoms. So, in recognition of Parkinson’s Awareness Week, we have put this blog together to focus on how, with a little planning and preparation, those with the condition are still able to enjoy activities such as travelling.

Here are our travelling with Parkinson’s Disease tips, which may help to make planning and enjoying your holiday that little bit easier.

Preparation: It’s always handy to plan your trip well in advance, allowing time to speak to your doctor and research your destination and activities.

Travel companion: Travelling with someone that knows and understands your condition can give you a little more peace of mind in the event of something going wrong.

Medication: Try to carry at least one whole day’s worth of medication with you at all times. If possible, carry all your medication in a handbag or rucksack in the event of any luggage going missing.

Keep your documents handy: Keep the names of your medication, doctor and any emergency contacts in your purse/wallet at all times. You should also carry some identification which states that you have Parkinson’s disease and a copy of your travel insurance documents is also vital in the event of an emergency.

Relax: Most importantly, remember to relax and enjoy your holiday. Living with Parkinson’s disease can be very stressful both for the person with the condition and any family or friends, so a holiday is the perfect opportunity to kick back and unwind.