The Easylock review

A few weeks ago, you might have read about a ground-breaking solution thought up by an innovative grandfather, called The EasyLock. Bob FitzJohn, 66, says he wanted his grandchildren to be safe while travelling, so thought up a simple solution to the problem: a portable lock that fits on any inward-opening door and completely secures it from intruders.

Not just for gap year travellers worried in their a beach bungalow, the lock can be used by children for their elderly parents who may worry about the security of their home. Even renters who are unable to change the locks of their accommodation can make use of this handy little gadget.

We got our hands on The Easylock and tried it out to see if it really was as safe as it seems.

The Easylock: design

The Easylock comes in two parts, a metal plate with a cut out arrow, and a rubber-edged handle. The lock itself is sturdy in design and comes in two colours, a bright pink and silver. It’s very light and has a pouch to keep the two elements together. It would fit in a handbag or backpack easily without taking up any room, and when applied to the door juts out ever so slightly.

The Easylock: How it works

Our sample didn’t come with any instructions and at first none of us could figure out how it all went together! We were stumped! A quick google search provided the answer, and with the right steps in place we had it fitted in no time. With the door open, the silver part fits into the door’s latch plate with the arrow pointing towards the door. Close the door, and the adjustable handle fits to the silver lock to create a rubber seal.

If you want to peek at your visitor without allowing them access, the adjustable handle slides along the arrow cut out, giving you a view while still remaining secure. This part is tricky to master, we still didn’t manage to get the hang of it without it falling off the door.

The Easylock: does it work?

YES! We had three ‘intruders’ try to open the door from the outside but to no avail. The door felt more secure than with the traditional lock which had been fitted and it was impossible to budge. It takes seconds to fit, leaves no damage to the door or fittings, and will stay in place for as long as you leave it there, giving the owner total security and comfort.

But wait, doesn’t a door stop do the same thing?

With the traditional travel advice being to bring a door stop or rubber wedge with you to place under the door, stopping people getting access we compared the results. On a hard surface, such as a marble floor, a rubber wedge did resist a gentle shove from our intruders. On carpet, it just wasn’t effective, with every intruder able to access the room with ease.

For us, there’s no comparison.

It’s definitely one of our travel essentials, and given its lightweight build and clever design, we wouldn’t’ be without this in our hand luggage wherever we end up. Purchase the Easylock for £29.45 at