Following the Sinai plane crash which occurred in early November, travel providers including Thomson, Thomas Cook, Easyjet and British Airways are cancelling trips to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt until January 2016. In light of the fact that these cancellations have been made in reference to possible terrorist threats, if you have an AllClear Gold or an AllClear Gold Plus policy, we have agreed to grant a minimal £500 per person (no excess will apply as before) under cancellation cover, as long as you have cancellation cover in your policy to allow you to claim for any travel, accommodation and excursion costs (if your particular policy extends to cover excursions) that you cannot recover from any other source.

You MUST try to get your money back from all the companies you have booked with and be able to provide substantiation to confirm you have tried to recover this. We will require a written explanation from the company concerned as to why a refund is not possible before we consider it.

All of this is subject to you having insurance and your bookings in place before the cancellations were first announced.

We have been advised that Thomas Cook are offering amendments but not refunds, we will then be looking at anything you may have incurred outside of the booking. For example, car hire, transfers, excursions etc.