From Friday 22nd January 2016 blizzards across the East Coast of the USA including New York have affected travel to and from the USA.

Please note that as the proximate cause is adverse weather, any claims would be considered on this basis under general cover.

ALLCLEAR GOLD AND ALLCLEAR GOLD PLUS: If you are an AllClear Gold or AllClear Gold Plus policyholder the following guidelines apply:

 If you are travelling to the USA:

Where possible, a full refund should be sought from your tour operator, travel agent etc. Only non-refundable expenses will be considered under your travel insurance policy.

If you wish to rearrange your trip dates, provided you are not making any claim under Abandonment, we can arrange for the dates to be transferred to a new trip provided the new trip is within 3 months of the original departure date and is for the same (or no longer) duration and is to the same geographical area.

Travel delay

This would be deemed to be an adverse weather event so the usual travel delay benefits and terms would apply.  However, please note that you would NOT be covered for arrival delay, only departure delay.


If the delay in departing from the UK exceeds 12 hours/24 hours as specified in the policy wording then unused travel and accommodation costs, which cannot be reimbursed from other sources, will be refundable.  If this was booked as a package, then please contact your tour operator / travel agent first to try and move the dates or obtain a full refund.


There would be no specific cover for cancellation as claims would fall under the Abandonment section.

In terms of travel to the UK departure points, your policy wordings may state that you must check in for a travel delay or abandonment claim to be valid.  In light of the extent of the weather conditions, you do not have to check-in if you’ve been contacted by the airline and told not to check-in.

If you have purchased the upgrade, additional benefits may be payable – please refer to each specific policy wording for full details of cover.

All of the above terms would apply to you if you purchased your policy on or before 21 January 2016. If you purchased your policy from 22rd January 2015 onwards (when this became publicly known via the media), the event would be deemed to be a known event so no cover would be in place.

If you are currently in the USA:

If you are stuck overseas and unable to return to the UK, your existing policy would automatically extend to cover you until such time as you are reasonably able to return home.

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