Although we’d all love to spend a week to 10 days basking in the sun of an exotic country, sometimes that just isn’t an option. With our daily lives being busier than ever and other commitments taking up our precious holiday time, short weekend breaks are the next best thing and who doesn’t love escaping their normal surroundings for a couple of days?

First of all having a short break to look forward to is going to put you in a great mood. If you know you’re going away at the weekend, midweek stress won’t seem so bad.

Even if it’s just a night or two in your nearest city it allows you a couple of days to explore, have a change of scenery and rejuvenate.

For a really relaxing and refreshing trip, why not consider a spa break? They’re great for indulging in doing not very much! Potter about in your robe, take a dip in the Jacuzzi, book an after lunch massage and come Monday you’ll feel like a new person.

short breaks

If you want to pack in a few activities on your weekend away, choose an area to visit and look up local attractions. You could explore a city, watch a show or go on a walking holiday. With so much to do in the UK you won’t be short of options.

A weekend (or a long Friday to Monday weekend if you can!) is also a good opportunity to head to a different country for a couple of days. Most European cities can be thoroughly explored in a handful of days and there are some fantastic deals around if you spend a bit of time looking online. Take a look at our ‘Top 10 destinations for a city break in Europe’ blog post for some inspiration!

short breaks

While your friends and family may be taking two week holidays once a year, taking shorter breaks means you get to go away more often. The price of a few city or spa breaks spread across the year can be the equivalent to only going away once!

Why not plan a few short trips throughout the year? When you’re looking forward to your 3rd short break of the year, your friends will be sad because they’ve got to wait until next summer to go away again! Who’s the real winner there?