travelling with a heart condition

Following the diagnosis of a heart condition it is important to find time to rest. Taking a short relaxing holiday may be more appropriate than destinations that require a high level of activity. While a wellness break is not going to be an adrenaline-fuelled vacation, it can be a great way of giving yourself the break you deserve.

We have chosen our top 3 wellness breaks to help you revitalize and unwind if you’re travelling with a heart condition:

Watergate Bay Hotel, Cornwall

The Taste of the Bay at Watergate Bay Hotel has a swim club which allows you to kick back and appreciate the good things in life- with its 25-metre infinity pool, spa treatment rooms and firelit ocean lounge all overlooking the bay. There is food available on site or if you are looking for a variation, then you are walking distance from Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen.

Zest Life Yoga Retreats, Anglesey

At Zest Life they have the philosophy to live a certain way of life, which they believe helps to rebalance, restore and revitalise our body and soul. The activities they offer include beach walks, yoga sessions, circuit training and holistic treatments. Zest Life retreats are also known for their mouth-watering homemade vegetarian meals which you can enjoy in their estate gardens.

Alpentherme Gastein, Austria

Dive into one of Europe’s most modern, alpine health and leisure spas- the Alpentherme Gastein. The mountaintop spa offers a holistic approach while managing to maintain a modern setting. The resort’s water-jet loungers, sauna bars and relaxation rooms give the Austrian spa its own unique personality.

If you are planning a relaxing holiday, here are some things highlighted by the British Heart Foundation that you may want to think about if you are travelling with a heart condition:

– Try to stay in accommodation that is easy to reach and is close to any amenities
– If you are travelling by air or going overseas it would be advisable to get a letter of explanation from your GP regarding your condition
– Take enough medication to last you throughout your holiday
– Ensure you have the right travel insurance to cover your heart condition

You can find more details on tips for travelling with a heart condition and heart travel insurance in our medical factfile here.

So does the sound of these wellness holiday destinations tempt you at all?