Thinking of Jamaica

As the cold winter nights draw in, we thought it time to investigate the best destinations to escape to warmer climates.  We start this series with the Caribbean island of Jamaica!

What warmer way to enjoy November than to visit Jamaica! Captivating, lively and English speaking: Jamaica is a popular destination among Brits looking for a change of view from the grey prospects our winters usually have to offer and it just so happens that Jamaican weather is at its best around this time of year too!\

Once you get there a Jamaican holiday can mean different things for different people. In this blog we will give you an idea of the best things to do depending on the kind of holiday you enjoy:

For the Wild

With crocodiles, wild boars, bats, mongoose iguanas, boas the Doctor bird (Jamaica’s national bird) and tree frogs as just some of the wildlife endemic to Jamaica-  a safari is a definite option for the more adventurous among us.

For the Photos

Jamaica is undoubtedly a beautiful island with gorgeous weather, beaches and people! Whether it’s wildlife, people or landscapes, Jamaica has something colourful for shutter bugs of all inclinations, as the national geographic perfectly demonstrates!

For the History

As Brits, we know that you don’t have to have a big country to have a rich historical story to tell. Jamaica confirms this with many historical sites ranging from Port Royal, the richest bay of the ‘New World’ during the 1600s, to the controversial Rose Hall Great House, (formerly one of Jamaica’s largest sugar plantations),  the Morant Bay Courthouse, location of the great 1865 slave riots, to the healing waters of the Milk River Baths.

For the Food

Jamaica is famous for Jerk chicken with rice and peas and perhaps grilled fish, but what about goat curry, pineapple and jerk beef, reggae reggae nachos, coconut and bean soups and the plethora of other delicious dishes that have yet to be discovered. If you were looking for a spicy alternative to a Christmas dinner, what about trying some Jamaican cooking!

For the Activities

There are a number of scuba diving sites to visit in Jamaica, especially along the North coast at Negril and Montego Bay.  Jamaica’s most famous under water site is Port Royal, a site of incredible archaeological significance, one of the most important trading posts of the ‘New World’ until 1962 when, at the height of its glittering wealth, it was hit by an earthquake and two thirds of the town sank into the sea.  Jamaica also offers a wide variety of surfing opportunities from the beginner-friendly breaks to challenging and brutally shallow waves with surfing camps dotted along the coastline. Don’t forget to check whether your travel insurance policy provides cover for you when participating in sporting or hazardous activities.

If you liked this blog or just the idea of a winter warmer, then keep an eye on our blog as we’ll be posting additions to the series throughout the winter period.