Keeping warm in the winter: Italian Art, Scenes and Eats

As British Winters look to be getting colder AllClear looks into some ways we can all avoid the chill and stay warmer this Winter- by travelling to Italy!

Italian Food

The Slow Food Movement (a campaign started to discourage the rise of fast food that is often unhealthy and irresponsibly sourced) was founded by Carlo Petrini in 1986 partly as a protest against a Mcdonald’s restaurant opening on the Spanish Steps. In fact it is Terra Madre Day on the 10th of December, a worldwide celebration of good, clean, local food. So why not visit local producers and restaurants when you are in the country that started the movement? Some great places to visit for food include Val d’Aosta: a region who’s local speciality is Costoletta alla Valdostana – a veal chop covered in Fontina (an intensely flavoured locally grown cheese originating from the alps). Piemonte makes a popular dish of fonduta, a melted cheese dip of milk, eggs and white truffles (tartufi bianchi). Finally durum wheat pasta, with San Marzano heirloom tomato, all grown from the rich volcanic soils of Campania are some of South Italy’s finest. The multitude of variations of dishes that have been created in this part of Italy, based on these two main ingredients alone is staggering.

Italian Scenery

Italy hosts some of the cleanest sea views from the hottest beaches in the Europe. From the deep crystal clear seas on the Islands of Sicily to the white sand sprinkled beaches in Cala Goloritze, Baunei. Italy has the variety and beauty of coastal sights that could only come out of a Mediterranean climate. Italy offers great views high as well as low, you can choose the infamous Alp territorial divides or the north-south trending Appennino mountain chain.

Italian Art

Milan is a famous fashion destination and where many of the world’s top brands and designers go to showcase their latest work and collections. But more than modern fashion: Italy is also a great place to go for historic art and settings, with 49 UNESCO World Heritage sites (the most within any one country in the world). You could visit Florence in Tuscany to see where artistic romanticism was born. You can visit Rome to see the baroque legacy left in Italy too.


As with all of our winter warmer blogs, we would like to remind you of the importance of booking travel insurance before your trip to ensure peace of mind while you’re away. If you are considering participating in any sporting or hazardous activities as part of you sightseeing in Italy.